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By Tambanavo Chamanyawi (

Only Satan can account for the money which was raised by NGOs under the ticket of suffering Zimbabweans. Billions of US dollars have for sure disappeared into fat wallets of NGO's god-fathers and their queens. I might not be able to provide empirical evidence in exact figures that are tabulated in graphs or pie charts since the huge transactions were executed under the cover of darkness with only Satan as the witness.

These Ngos all claim to be representing the interest of Zimbabweans. They all preach transparency and democracy, yet they are visibly eluded by the noble issues which they mouth at every turn and event.

At a time when we all expected these pretenders to at least pretend to celebrate the inclusive government which is striving to bring a ray of hope to Zimbabwean, they are now crying foul with the apex of the hoarse voices.

They claimed the decision was not representing the best interest of Zimbabwe. They even fell short of accusing Morgan Tsvangirai of betraying the wishes of the people of Zimbabwe. Their vituperative chorus came to an abrupt silence when the national council of Zimbabwe's largest political party, MDC, unanimously endorsed Tsvangirai's decision to be part of the solution to the problems of Zimbabwe.

This was after the learned Dr. Lovemore Madhuku, of NCA declared 'political poverty' in MDC. When some of us heard such a catchy phrase to describe the state of affairs in MDC we were taken aback. I personally understood Madhuku'statements as an accusation that MDC of practicing too much democracy.

There are however questions begging for answers from Dr. Madhuku. This is not to question Dr. Madhuku's intelligence. He is indisputably one of the best brains ever to emerge from Zimbabwe. But he is not flawless. Some of the mistakes which he committed in his life are so startling for a man of his 'unlimited' astuteness. So he can't pretend to be the panacea or magic potion of Zimbabwe. A few years ago Dr. Madhuku dazed everyone to the hub when he arm-twisted the NCA constitution to allow himself to be the perpetual chairman of an organization which is skirmishing for an ideal constitution of Zimbabwe. Is it not the NCA which is suffering from 'democratic and constitutional poverty?' Be the judge, facts are available in abundance. We need not to mention what happed to his legal practice, because it is on public diary.

All of a sudden the NGOs are now representatives of MDC activists who are rotting in jails. This has become their current meal ticket.

They are not even shy to publicly order Tsvangirai to walk out of the unity government if Roy Bennett, Jestina Mukoko, Gadhi Mudzingwa and others are not released. There is one more thing I want to understand from these characters. Why do they always come up with piece-meal issues? So will they close shop if the activists are freed or they are going to resurrect or recycle another issue to justify their access to the donor green buck?

They seem to be limping from one imaginary disaster to another.

X-rated alarmists of the first grade and unrepentant doomsters of this nature enjoy the current stagnancy.

With some donors reportedly dealing directly with the inclusive government and some closing their purses for good, sending cold shivers down the spines of Ngo sharks.

Some Ngo god-fathers and queens in South Africa are irritatingly trying heterogeneous tunes to seduce stray benefactors.

The latest draw card to fall prey to the prowling and greedy Save Zimbabwe Campaign Now architects is Roy Bennett's arrest. If Bennett is to be released today, they would be thrown back to their drawing-board to strategise and identify any slight prospect on their fleecing radar system to exploit again.

Shame! Sis!

This week they were at it again at University of Wits's Great hall, exhibiting their exaggerated and overstated 'concern' over Bennett's incarceration.

The ever tearful, Pastor Willian Mugabe, who is part of the squad, ran out of tears, but he tried to howl (wail) without success. I suppose he did not rehearse as much as he had done before prior to the launch of the Save Zimbabwe Campaign Now.

Again no any other credible Zimbabwean spoke. It was Khumi Naidoo, Nondumiso Gasa and Elino Sisulu.

Naidoo, a muslim, used the platform to flaunt his 21 days of fasting 'for the suffering people of Zimbabwe'.

O-oh excellent Naidoo, you have a well placed heart thank you for loving Zimbabweans this much.

But let me take you down your memory lane. Some of us are failing to believe what is surfacing now. Civicus left people at the vortex of Zanu PF's firing line. Yes! Trust me, this is it! It is not clear if this was deliberate or genuine carelessness or both. Civicus nicodimusly video taped people in the streets of Zimbabwe in November before secretly flying back to the safety of South Africa. People aired their anger about the way Robert Mugabe is mismanaging the country in Naidoo's TIME2ACT video. Guess what Civicus did with the video? Civicus organized a huge launch, publicly released and distributed it exposing people interviewed to retribution by Zanu PF thugs. No effort was done to conceal the faces or identities of the people interviewed.

O-oh my God! Some of them have abandoned their homes and are now in hiding. The whereabouts of Florence who was interviewed in Gweru are not known. We hope that she fled to South Africa and is suffering and toiling at Methodist Central Church in Johannesburg Central, yet the TIME2ACT video that brought her headaches opened doors to donor cremation. She neither tasted a cent nor a rand from the proceeds. A-ah vakomana, ndizvovo here izvi?

MDC cannot afford to surrender their space in government simply because Zanu PF hardliners are screwing them up. History would judge the MDC leadership harshly if they take heed to Ngo pressure to abandon the people of Zimbabwe to Zanu PF's mercy. The electorate gave MDC the mandate to run the country and it would be naïve for the leadership of MDC to accept any excuse of what ever form to dessert their sacrosanct mandate. MDC is not in government by invitation. Zanu PF and Welshman Ncube's grouping are the only renegades in government by default. This is not only a fact, but a public song.

If ever there is any party which should be called to leave the government, it is Zanu PF and the Ncube click. This is obvious logic. Zanu PF can arrest as much MDC members and leaders as they can, but that excuse is not good enough to justify a reverse jive on the part of the mandated party.

In shona there is an idiom which says Ukaramwira makudo munda, anopedza zviyo zvose kuti tsvayi, loosely translated as; if you surrender your maize-farm to baboons they would consume all the crops.


Authur Mutambara, Zim's deputy premier, the world's luckiest politician!!!

(Mutambara is the one in full black!)

by Tambanavo Chamanyawi (

Some people are lucky. For real, Authur Oliver Mutambara is fortunate. The Mechatronics professor will be the deputy prime minister of Zimbabwe from February 13. Isn't shocking? He virtually did nothing that deserves him the post. Mutambara will absolutely make it in the genuine book of records as the world's most auspicious politician.

History is littered with tales of how politicians toil, rot in jails or had escaped the hangmen's noozes for laying claim to higher offices. Nelson Mandela of South Africa sat in solitary conferment for 27 years, Zanu PF's Robert Mugabe lost 11 years of his life. Morgan Tsvangirai glared death in its ugly face after Mugabe raised sedition incriminations against him. Jacob Zuma, the ANC president is still limping from one court room to another for daring to declare interest in the presidential post.
Olesagum Obasanjo of Nigeria spent time behind bars after the late military dictator, Sani Abacha detained him.

Fredrick Chiluba of Zambia did not have the best of times when he took on Kenneth Kaunda. Jonas Savimbi of Angola even died before laying his hand on the throne. But Samanyika, aka Wasu was accessed the job through a phone call by the controversial constitutional professor, Ncube. What a through pass? Just Imagine!

He never even contested the presidency, but chickened out, opting for a safer battle zone in Zengeza East where he polled 1,322 votes, trailing way behind Morgan Tsvangirai and Zanu PF candidates. But the former visiting fellow of Massachutes Institute of Technology will be sworn in as Tsvangirai's deputy this month. Many would agree that politics is a game of luck and power, but Authur's rise (if ever he has risen) to higher office left neither any trace nor formula. In his bid for political relevance, the man lost his moral compass, a sad development which will prove to be a recipe for future disaster in his political career.

I love Arthur's 'Catholic God'. He plentifully rewards him for doing utterly nothing, zero, and zilch. His prayers are really being well acknowledged and answered. The dearly departed ancestors of the indubitably luminous Robotics professor must be working over-time in their graves.

All the Rhodian Scholar had to do was to accept a well-calculated offer from Welsman Ncube to come and be a credible Shona face of a rebellion against Tsvangirai. He also had to do Ncube another small favour. To elbow-out the ambitious but ungifted Gift Chimanikire, who turned out to be a liability to the Ncube formation. Ncube went out shopping for Chimanikire's replacement and 'bought' Authur.


In a hire purchase agreement, Mutambara was promised a parliamentary seat in exchange for his tribal services and obviously not for his robotics expertise. Instead, Authur got more than what he bargained for. A deputy prime minister post!


Of course, Tsvangirai's deputy, Thokozani Khupe is also another opportunist who never dreamt of being a deputy prime minister, until the split dawned, but at least she was persecuted by the Mugabe regime. Not even a single slap was administered on Arthur's face by Zanu PF thugs since his startling appearance in Zimbabwe's political furnace.
When Tsvangirai, Lovemore Madhuku, Grace Kwinjeh, Sekai Holland and others were arrested in March 2007 in Highfields and savagely flogged, Arthur, who was also in detention never, sustained even a single bruise. Whilst others were dripping with blood and tears, Authur did not even loose a sweat. Yes! This is a fact. Check with Mrs Holland or Dr. Madhuku. It is common knowledge that Authur even asked the police to beat him up as well so as to beef up his residual and ailing credibility.

And this is the man who would be your Deputy Prime Minister in the next few days. Wait for a moment; don't feel bad about this development. It's not your fault. You never elected him. Whose Deputy Prime Minister is he anywhere? Of course not mine, maybe yours.

Others are real born with silver spoons in their mouths. The 43 year old Oliver surely must be having gold-coated blood flowing in his veins.

Very soon his work place would be Munhumutapa building. It is now certain. Can we all imagine, Zanu PF characters, like Emmerson Mnangangwa, Ignatius Chombo and Didymus Mutasa saluting Mutambara as Shefu? O-oh his gods are shining dazzlingly at him. Who doubts that the Zengeza East senatorial aspirant can easily make millions if he tries his hand in lotto?

Mutambara came to prominence in the late 1980s as a student leader at the University of Zimbabwe. His celebrity status was not a result of anything spectacular. All UZ student leaders have always staged length demonstrations. All he had to do was to jump from his third floor room in Complex three's hall of residence. Arthur was apparently frightfully fleeing from a late night knock on his door. The bald headed Arthur later made everyone to believe that his 'nicodimus visitors' were members of the Mugabe's dreaded CIO.
And for that, the man would re-write Zimbabwe's history by being the second black deputy Prime Minister of former Rhodesia. The first black deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe is the late Simon Vengai Muzenda.

After scooping a Rhodes scholarship alongside with Simukai Utete, daughter of Mugabe's Permanent Secretary, Charles Utete, Arthur disappeared from the political rudder of Zimbabwe for almost 20 years.

His first port of call was Merton College where he obtained a PhD in Robotics and Mechatronics. Thereafter he prostituted his services in various institutions before being parachuted back to Zimbabwe to lead the Ncube break away.

What he is now is a clear shadow of his former self. But the man is destined for Mzee's boots.




"NGO sharks feeding on Zimbabwe crisis!"

by Tambanavo Chamanyawi(

The solution to Zimbabwe problems is so near but slippery.

A lot of interlocking spurs are derailing a quick solution to the calamities that have been ravaging Zimbabwe.

All the problems are man made. None of them are natural disasters. The media is however awash with how Robert Mugabe's government architected the catastrophe. Acres of newspaper space fed us with information of how Mugabe ran-down the economy of the once prosperous Zimbabwe and how political freedom and other liberties dried up under Mugabe's 29 year old administration. This exhausted version, though true, is incomplete without the insertion of the role of the erudite NGO Sharks.

A huge bazaar for calamities churned out by Zanu PF emerged in the last few years.

A vague, frictional and profiteering correlation between Zanu PF regime and Civic Societies sprung to life. Scores of NGOs plying the Zimbabwe business boomed into existence from nowhere like vultures circling their prey.

Some of the best minds of Zimbabwe opted not to join political front of the struggle against Mugabe, but opted for the lucrative Non Governmental Organization (NGOs) sector. They argue that the political space in MDC is too small to contain everyone. Some profess that they could best exploit their capacities in a non-partisan industry than joining a political organization. A noble decision (you would agreed), if their intentions were genuine anywhere.

NGOs trading in Zimbabwe problems have positioned themselves as enthusiastic "salesmen of the stock"…The plight of the innocent and begging Zimbabweans being the stock, and the manufacturer being gluttonous Zanu PF Zealots. And there has been a steady supply of "the products" in the past few years as Zanu PF's manufacturing machines went into high momentum leaving behind a trail of fatalities – subjecting everyone to maddening poverty. And this is being turned into a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder.

If one is lucky to have escaped the current Zim quagmire earlier (like this writer), and have had the opportunity to have driven pass the Methodist Church in central Johannesburg, you certainly would have witnessed droves of squalid-looking and struggling Zimbabweans being video recorded everyday and paraded as the "needy people." Well crafted project proposals are employed as keys into the tills of the ever-floating donor rites. The NGOs sharks have perfected the art of deceitfully siphoning the world's hardest currency into the 'Zimbabwe struggle' while bleeding, cholera infected, homeless and hungry Zimbabweans are used as mere statistics to garner financial compassion from benefactors. The actual authentic recipients of the donors' funds are rapidly and expediently forgotten as soon as the project proposals pay off. They only regain statistical prominence when another project proposal snare is needed. The avaricious sharks vanish into their air-conditioned offices, opulent neighbourhoods and ritzy German made sedans after reaping...the cycle continues.

Some NGOs are masquerading as cohorts of the all time powerful MDC to gain credibility so as to milk the "green buck" from credulous donors.

Some NGOs have gone to the extent of hiring "larger than life" and high-flying individuals to make appearances on their launches. The Zimbabwe 'crisis commodity' is so appealing and easy to sell. Even South African NGOs are overtly baiting for the "green buck" using the Zimbabwe crisis as the clasp or hook.

Recently another South African NGO, code named 'Save Zimbabwe Now' mushroomed into life in an emotionally charged and stage-managed launch at the Johannesburg Central Methodist Church. Prominent individuals like Graca Machel, Elino Sisulu, Venetia Govender, Khumi Naidoo and Nondumiso Gasa took centre stage as struggling Zimbabweans get reduced to flaccid spectators hearing their tribulations being articulated by the NGO protagonists. In an occasion that lasted almost three hours, not a single suffering Zimbabwean spoke, except for Pastor William Mugabe, (strangely sharing the same name with nemesis of the struggling Zimbabwean people) who broke down for the cameras.

Hundreds of Zimbabweans squatting in the church became instant statistics for use and abuse during the launch.

One can not deny that some of these activists genuinely toil for the people however the opulence and gullibility of some of them is not difficult to detect. Others have vested interests extending to mining consortia in Zimbabwe working hand in hand with Zanu PF. Yes! I said that. Is it difficult to believe…?

Some have become so affluent over the years beyond the imagination of the struggling Zimbabweans they parade.

All is bound to come to a sudden crushing end with the coming to life of the imminent inclusive government in Zimbabwe. The "stock" is going to disappear and business will take a nosedive. Human rights project proposals will cease to be keys to any till and thousands of Zimbabwe's best brains will find themselves passengers of a stationary gravy train.

The Zanu PF manufacturing machinery is boisterously grinding to a halt and virtually cutting off 'crisis supplies.' Donors would be left with no alternative except to seal their wallets as supplies dry up

This is exactly the reason why dominant, eloquent and flamboyant characters in the NGO sector are speedy to cry foul over Morgan Tsvangirai's decision to be part of a solution to the problems of Zimbabwe. Some are already mouthing out serious assertions of deception on Tsvangirai's part. They claim the inclusive government is against the wishes of the electorate and agitate for Tsvangirai's absolute take over. Another noble argument, but how long will this take?






TODAY, the MDC's National Council met as we once again find ourselves at an historic crossroads in our decade-long struggle for democracy.

Throughout this struggle, the MDC has been guided by the principles of democracy and by the will of the people. This campaign is neither easy nor straightforward and often we have had to change the fronts on which we wage the struggle in response to changing circumstances and conditions.

The MDC was established to bring about change through the ballot box. This we achieved despite overwhelming odds, culminating in our historic victories in the March 29th Parliamentary, Presidential and local government elections.

Then, the brutal campaign of violence unleashed against our supporters by Zanu PF, forced us to withdraw from the June 27th event. Thus it became obvious that we could no longer wage our struggle via the polling booth.

We looked to the region to support our position and the will of the people by acknowledging the results of March 29th as the basis on which a new government should be formed. Subsequently, we succeeded in forcing Zanu PF to the negotiating table which became the new frontline in our quest for a democratic Zimbabwe. It was for this reason that we signed the Global Political Agreement on September 15th, 2008.

I know that you are very familiar with the events from that date. We in the MDC have abided by the letter and spirit of both the Memorandum of Understanding and the GPA. Sadly, Zanu PF was not the type of constructive and positive partner that we envisaged when we signed the GPA and therefore, the consummation of the agreement has been subject to unnecessary delays.

Nonetheless, we have consistently tabled our outstanding issues to SADC and we have remained committed to finding a negotiated settlement to the political crisis in Zimbabwe.

This process culminated in the SADC summit on Monday 26th January, where the Southern African leaders made the following resolutions:

I. The parties shall endeavour to cause Parliament to pass the Constitutional Amendment 19 by 5 February 2009.

II. The Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Ministers shall be sworn in by 11 February 2009:

III. The Ministers and Deputy Ministers shall be sworn in on 13 February 2009, which will conclude the process of the formation of the inclusive government.

IV. The Joint-Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC), provided for in the Global Political Agreement, shall be activated immediately. The first meeting of JOMIC shall be convened by the facilitator on 30 January 2009 and shall, among other things, elect the chairpersons;

V. The allocation of ministerial portfolios endorsed by the SADC Extraordinary Summit held on 9 November 2008 shall be reviewed six (6) months after the inauguration of the inclusive government.

VI. The appointments of the Reserve Bank Governor and the Attorney General will be dealt with by the inclusive government after its formation.

VII. The negotiators of the parties shall meet immediately to consider the National Security Bill submitted by the MDC-T as well as the formula for the distribution of governors:

While we felt that these resolutions do not represent an acknowledgement of all our issues, they do represent significant concessions on the part of Zanu PF and a recognition by SADC that our demands are justified as a first step towards a sustainable solution to the Zimbabwe crisis.

Our National Council's meeting today was therefore convened to evaluate the party's position in relation to the inclusive government.

The concessions made by Zanu PF incorporate four out of the five outstanding issues. These four issues are the allocation of Provincial Governors, the National Security Legislation, Constitutional Amendment 19 and the breaches to the Global Political Agreement.

Thus, the parties have agreed on the sharing of Provincial Governors portfolios and have already met to begin negotiations on the allocation formula.

Similarly, with regard to the National Security legislation, the negotiators have met to discuss the draft bill submitted by the MDC.

It is clear therefore that these two issues are subject to negotiation and therefore constitute work in progress. It is hoped that the work in progress will be concluded to the satisfaction of all the parties as soon as possible.

The third issue relates to Constitutional Amendment 19. The MDC has insisted that Constitutional Amendment 19 is enacted by parliament and signed into law prior to the swearing in of the Prime Minister and this has been agreed to by the parties as reflected in the SADC communiqué.

On the issue of the equitable allocation of ministerial portfolios, SADC reiterated its position from November 9th, 2008 and expanded its commitment to review the allocation of all ministries, not only Home Affairs, within six months of an inclusive government being formed.

On the breaches to the GPA and the MOU, SADC resolved that the Joint-Monitoring Implementation Committee (JOMIC), is established to review and reverse these breaches. This committee comprises four members from MDC-T, four members from MDC-M and four members from Zanu PF.

However, the MDC is concerned that the issue of the unwarranted and illegal abductions and detentions of MDC members and other democratic activists needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency and to this effect, the MDC will ensure an end to the persecution of all Zimbabweans.

In light of these resolutions, todays's debate centred around two issues:
Firstly, what will allow us the best opportunity to continue to pursue our goal of achieving a free, democratic Zimbabwe in line with the roadmap from our Congress of March 2006?


Secondly, what is the best way of alleviating the suffering of the Zimbabwean people, stabilising the economy and restoring and retaining some semblance of a normal society?

Let us make no mistake, by joining an inclusive government, we are not saying that this is a solution to the Zimbabwe crisis, instead our participation signifies that we have chosen to continue the struggle for a democratic Zimbabwe in a new arena.

This agreement is a significant milestone on our journey to democracy but it does not signify that we have arrived at our destination – we are committed to establishing a democratic Zimbabwe regardless of how long that struggle takes us.
We have the majority in parliament, we control all the main urban councils and many rural councils, we will have control of 13 ministries and a presence in the key decision-making bodies of the executive.

Throughout the course of our deliberations today we referred to, and were guided by, the road map that we established for ourselves in March 2006, namely - negotiations, a transitional authority, a people driven constitution and fresh, free and fair elections.

In this respect, the National Council resolved that through joining an inclusive government in line with the GPA and the SADC resolutions the party will be able to achieve the following:

• To move towards a new, democratic Zimbabwe by ensuring that a people-driven constitution is crafted and adopted.

• That this inclusive government will serve as a transitional authority leading to free and fair elections.

• The restoration of the people's freedoms through creating democratic space, restoring the rule of law and basic human rights.

• The stabilisation and rebuilding of the economy and the provision of all essential services, in particular health care and education.

• To maintain the principles of the working people's convention established in 1999.

• To ensure that we begin a process of national healing and integration.

Therefore, in accordance with the party's constitution, the political agreement we signed on September 15th 2008, and in the best interests of the welfare of all Zimbabweans the MDC has resolved to form an inclusive government with Zanu PF and MDC-M.

The success of this inclusive government is dependent on many factors including the goodwill of the parties involved, the support of the people of Zimbabwe and the continued engagement and vigilance of SADC, AU and the broader international community in ensurinhg that all parties are bound by the letter and spirit of the GPA and the commitments made at the last SADC summit. In this respect, the party shall continue to monitor the implementation of the agreement, in particular in shall assess and review its position in the inclusive government after 6 months in line with the SADC resolutions.

Now is the time for us to put aside our political differences , to prioritise the welfare of the people in both our policies and our actions and to focus on stabilisation, development, progress and democratization.

In this, I know that we have the support of the vast majority of Zimbabweans, both in Zanu PF and the MDC, in the civil service,the workers and the business community and we look forward to working with you to rebuild our great nation.

In conclusion, I would like to note that in this struggle we have not been alone. I wish to acknowledge the commitment and perseverance of SADC to finding a negotiated solution to the political crisis. In particular, we have had the unwavering support of our regional allies who have stood by us and our democratic ideals throughout this process and we are grateful for their solidarity.

We would like to acknowledge the support and solidarity that we have had from trade unions, civil society and democratic peoples' and governments all over the world. We appreciate this support and know that we could not have come this far without them.
Most importantly of all, we have had the support of the people. A people who have stood by their right to live in freedom, with access to jobs, health care, education and prosperity in such a principled and peaceful manner.

I would like to appeal to all these forces to continue to support us in whatever decision we take because the struggle is not over, our commitment is not lessened, our vision is not dulled and our resolve has not been weakened.

We will deliver a New Zimbabwe to the people.

The struggle continues.

I thank you



Please kindly watch this space!

Rev Mufaro Stig Hove.

Cell: 0791463039 RSA.


Please note that it did not come easily to me that I should make a personal appeal!

I tried for the past few months to avoid making one.

I'm practically a destitute now and am not able to pay my rent to my landlord for February, 2009 and today is the 2nd of February. I haven't even a cent to buy food for myself let alone to send to my family in Zimbabwe.

Please kindly assist me in any way you can. I'm preparing a submission entitled "The cost of this struggle" and will post it on one of my sites.

If you are kind-hearted and would like to assist and communicate further with me, please send me a message to and you will receive an automatic response on how you can assist me.

I have further concerns eg the safety of those who "talked too much" (like myself) when we return to Zimbabwe, inevitably.

God bless you as you think over this, my humble appeal.

Mufaro Stig Hove...Rev.

Cell: 0791463039 RSA. (ie 0027791463039.)